Michael Hoffmann

Born: 23.12.1966
Instrument: Guitars


1977   Got first accoustic guitar to impress the girls. Tried to play A minor from "House Of The Rising Sun", failed, smashed the guitar. No girls
1979   Listened to Ted Nugent's "Double Live Gonzo" and transformed into a Heavy Metal fan and Rock Guitarist
1980   Listened to Sugarhill Hill Gang "Rappers Delight" and found the lyrics in a "Top Schlagertextheft". Learned the lyrics. Didn't know why, but I liked it
1981   Bought first electric guitar and amp from a friend. Learned first rock song: "Riff Raff" from AC/DC. Took weeks to find out the riffing with a tape recorder
1982   Started first band called "D-MU 413". Few songs with punky anti establishment lyrics. No shows, because no drummer and no bass player
1983   Transformation into a Thrasher because of Metallica "Kill Them All" and Slayer "Show No Mercy".
Watched the "WILD STYLE" movie and started rapping, graffiti spraying and break dancing
1984   Formed first Thrash Metal band called "Satanica". Joined the army for a year and a half, quit the band.
1985   Formed a new project called "Attemptor" with the ex Warlock bass player Thomas Stuback. Ended up quick. "Satanica" changed name to "Assassin" and recorded first album "The Upcoming Terror"
1986   Joined "Sadist" and recorded 2 demos. Some attention from fanzines
1987   Rejoined Assassin and recorded second album "Interstellar Experience". Formed punk band "Völkermord" with other members from Assassin and Deathrow. Played two shows
1988   Touring Europe with Assassin (and Death Angel and Rumble Militia).
Formed Rap project "Raw DD" with a friend and recorded a demo
1989   During preparation of the third Assassin album, someone cracked the door from the rehearsal room and stole most of the equipment. End of Assassin
1990   Joined German Thrash Metal legends "Sodom" and started touring world wide. Album redordings of Sodom's "Better Of Dead". More world touring. Learned some sound engineering with producer Harris Johns in "Musiclab Berlin" and "Dierks Studios"
1991   Working with Klaus Dahlke and Ephendy Steven in "Atatak" studio Düsseldorf and "Paraiso Sonante" in Düsseldorf and Salvador/Brasil. Left the band Sodom and moved to Salvador/Brasil. Working at "Paraiso Sonante" as producer, musician, composer and sound engineer
1992   Continued career as a sound engineer in Salvador.
Formed studio project "Water To Wine" with long time friend Amir Babak (He died 2014. R.I.P.)
1993   Production of various albums (Geisan Varne, Mistifier, Kaco, Zelito Miranda, Catapulta etc.)
1994 - 1995   Joined brasilian cross over band "Catapulta" as a guitarist. Still working as a producer/sound engineer in different studios in Salvador
1996   Return to Germany. Formed german rap project "Asitreff". Recording of one demo. Record contract failed, because of the explicit lyrics
1997 - 1998   Continuing "Water To Wine" rehearsals and recordings
1999 - 2001   Complete music break
2002   Ressurection of Assassin
2004   Rejoined Assassin as a guitarist
2005   Produced third album of Assassin "The Club". Initiated production and management company AGD-Media and independent record label AGD-Records. Release of "The Club"
2005 - 2008   Assassin touring and playing on different festivals like Wacken and Keep It True. Preparing fourth album. Recording of a four track demo to get a record deal
2009   Record company SPV resigns with Assassin
2010   Production of the fourth Assassin album "Breaking The Silence" with producer Harris Johns in Musiclab, Berlin. Touring through Europe, Russia and Japan. Video recordings to prepare DVD
2011   Release of Assassin album "Breaking The Silence"
2012   Release of the first DVD "Chaos And Live Shots". Assassin South-America tour "Doomsday Prevention". Shows in Brasil, Argentina, Peru, Bolivia and Chile
2013   Preparations for the fifth album
2014   Assassin singer Robert Gonnella leaves the band
2015   Release of the fifth Assassin album "Combat Cathedral" with another vocalist
2016   Left Assassin due to musical and personal differences
Since 2016   Guitarist and Background Singer for No Vegyzz
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